Welcome to my new blog – “InfiniBIM – BIM to the point”

This is a blog about building information technologies. More specifically, BIM. And ways to apply BIM better in architecture, engineering and construction. Both at the big-picture level of methodology, and also as regards very practical details of everyday project management.

My name’s Donatas. I’ve been working with building information technologies for more than 20 years: as a CAD and BIM consultant and as the CEO of AGACAD – a developer of productivity software for users of Autodesk Revit.

In working with BIM projects and practitioners all over the world, I’ve noticed that we all share similar difficulties and desires. I’d like to point those out, propose some new ideas and get a discussion going on moving ahead. To that end, please join the online discussion with your own thoughts, experiences and feedback. Or write to me directly any time.

It’s often said the ‘I’ in BIM is ‘big’ since information is the key to everything in this field. Fair enough. But in today’s big-data world there’s a risk of overload – too much information, much of it with no use or value, clogging our heads and IT systems and slowing our work.

That’s why I’m a fan of ‘BIM with a little i’ – ways to eliminate unneeded information and to make data exchange more efficient, more precise and more timely. Reducing information to what we really need. Getting straight to the point in BIM models and processes.

That’s a notion you’ll find behind most of the ideas I share.

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